Bike Tour de Santiago

Bike Tour de Santiago

A Great Way to Any City in the World on 2 wheels
Available Year Around

a. Private Tour from your Hotel. CL $35.000 per person / minimum 2 people.
b. Bikes Available See Bike Rental: Basic Mtn Bike / Ebikes – Electric Bikes
c. Regular Tour Schedules: 10:00am – 2:00pm

Santiago is a city that surprises the visitor. Like any city founded by the Spanish conquerors it has a a especific layout and of course history, interesting corner, and its old and new faces. In spite of how hectic it looks, the truth is that Santiago is becoming bike friendly. There are many parks and areas that allow the visitor to explore the city alone with a map, or BETTER with a guide, but always on a bike. Grado Sur Expediciones wants you to be adventurous and take one morning or one afternoon to descover what this old latin city has to offer.
a. The Old Santiago:
Obviously, this is the side that attracts more people. In about 3 hours, with some stops on the way to learn and understand how the city breaths, the visitor can explore the heart of Santiago: The Downtown area, the government building area, traditional markets, old neighborhoods and a lot more. Let us help you see Santiago with a local, that Santiago not that easy to see.
The tour includes a stop at Café Literario del Parque Bustamante. Bathroom options, a coffe, a juice or just a glass of water.
Cost of this Tour: CL$ 28.000 Adults (Minimun 2 Participants) CL $15.000 Children

b. “Young” Santiago:

Santiago has changed. The East side of the city has always being pushing to the mountains with new designs, fresh looks and more modern touch for building, parks and avenues. The newer city has given way to bigger parks, malls and more exclusive residential areas, but all co-existing with the city and its people, always in a sort of friendly and welcoming way.
One of the icons of this tour takes the visitor to the Bicentenario Park, a perfect example of where the city wants to go in the comin years.
A nice stop at a cafeteria of Business District – Barrio del Bosque. Bathroom options, a coffe, juice or just a glass of water.
Cost of this Tour CL$ 28.000 usd 43 (Adultos (Mínimo 2 Participantes)  CL$ 15.000 usd 25 Children

More information and Reservations:  + 56 9 4407 0503   /  +56 9 8301 7847 /  + 56 9 9380 5359

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“biking and hiking chile”
I biked with Pablo and Karen through Colchagua and down to the pacific through beautiful countryside. We had alot of fun and exchanged lots of stories. Pablo is an attentive, empathetic and very knowledgeable guide. His maps of the regions we biked through are very incisive and add to the experience. I also hiked with Igor, an attentive and conscientious guide, high into the Andes on a well chosen route, we even saw a condor. Overall, I would very highly recommend Gradosur.

Oliver T
Dublín, Irlanda


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