Our trips in this “long and narrow strip of land” (as The Poet says) aim to discover the true CHILE.

Our expeditions are mainly on a bicycle, however we also do travel on horses, kayaks, trekking and combinations of them all.

All our expeditions are interesting Travel into what Chile really is; culture, its history and of course its landscapes, meals and fine wines.

  • Our scheduled trips already planned and make us a very good option for independent travelers who want to join a group and make a trip to Chile. View Calendar South Grade.
  • For those traveling by Chile and decide to spend a few days in Santiago, the capital, have fun activities:
  • – rafting en río Maipo
  • – horseback riding
  • – City tour en bicicleta por Santiago
  • – Biking alrededor de Santiago (Exploring Santiago and Its Surroundings)
  • One of the favorite activities for many visitors and we also “Bicycles & Wines”, vineyards interesting tours of the best central valleys of the country: Aconcagua, San Antonio, White House and Colchagua.

If any of our works, and nothing on our schedule fits into your vacation time, let us help you plan the vacation that you want with your family or a small group of friends. Group 2 or more persons. You can plan Your Own Adventure writing with details of places you go Worth, sports you want to include and the group of people who would travel with you.




Tendencias La Tercera / sábado 14 de Septiembre de 2013

Con la llegada del buen clima, la ciudad se transforma en un lugar para descubrir. Juegue a ser un turista más con estos cinco tours en bicicleta y aproveche, de paso, de quemar algunas calorías.
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“biking and hiking chile”
I biked with Pablo and Karen through Colchagua and down to the pacific through beautiful countryside. We had alot of fun and exchanged lots of stories. Pablo is an attentive, empathetic and very knowledgeable guide. His maps of the regions we biked through are very incisive and add to the experience. I also hiked with Igor, an attentive and conscientious guide, high into the Andes on a well chosen route, we even saw a condor. Overall, I would very highly recommend Gradosur.

Oliver T
Dublín, Irlanda


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