Datos Personales (Personal information)


Menor de edad (Younger)


Contacto emergencia (Contact emergency)


Actividad a contratar (Activity)


Antecedentes medicos (Medical history)


Alimentación (Food)


De conocimiento y de la aceptación del riesgo que involucra la actividad o programa - Knowledge and acceptance of the risk involved in the activity or program

  • I hereby declare that I know and fully understand that I am joining an activity that involves risks that cannot be completely controlled by the company, and risks that I do not experience in my daily life. Even though the company (Grado Sur Expediciones –GSE) keeps very good safety standards, some of these risks are connected with the activity itself and my abilities and skills with a bike a kayak or other sports of the activity I have specified above. I fully understand that I will be joining an activity that I am not necessarily familiar with. It is the company who will explain all details about the activity, hand out gear and explain how it works, but it will be my responsibility to handle it the proper way and follow instructions and prevent actions that could put myself in danger. I also declare that I posses the minimum requirements and skills and that I do have the level of experience required by the company to do the activity, and most important the mental attitude to be a member of this activity. I also understand that I have to follow procedures and instructions indicated by company people and that I have to be always following the guide’s instructions during the entire activity. I also declare That I am VOLUNTARILY taking part in this activity and I understand all the risks involved.
  • I declare that I understand that when it comes to Grado Sur Expediciones Ltda, as an outdoor travel company, there are the following aspects to consider: Revisar texto completo - Review conditions



Tendencias La Tercera / sábado 14 de Septiembre de 2013

Con la llegada del buen clima, la ciudad se transforma en un lugar para descubrir. Juegue a ser un turista más con estos cinco tours en bicicleta y aproveche, de paso, de quemar algunas calorías.
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“biking and hiking chile”
I biked with Pablo and Karen through Colchagua and down to the pacific through beautiful countryside. We had alot of fun and exchanged lots of stories. Pablo is an attentive, empathetic and very knowledgeable guide. His maps of the regions we biked through are very incisive and add to the experience. I also hiked with Igor, an attentive and conscientious guide, high into the Andes on a well chosen route, we even saw a condor. Overall, I would very highly recommend Gradosur.

Oliver T
Dublín, Irlanda


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